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About The Games

Champion spirit. Unite a nation.

In a place like no other, St. John's will host a Canada Games like no other.

Shaped by the people who call St. John’s home, our capital city is a land of firsts – a story of diversity and discovery, steeped in unique cultures and surrounded by natural beauty. Home to the oldest organized sporting event in North America, this is a place where connection has changed the world. 

The 2025 Canada Games invites Canadians to come and connect through friendship, sport, adventure, and the experience that is Newfoundland & Labrador.

Host Society

A dedicated and passionate group of Host Society staff and volunteers have been assembled to deliver an exceptional Games experience as we prepare to welcome the nation to St. John’s in 2025.

Our Mission

St. John’s will create a unique, positive experience where youth sport plays out in an athlete-centred and inclusive Canada Games — one that showcases diversity and determination. With dignity, fairness, and respect, the athletes, coaches, families, and community will inspire and be inspired on their journey.

Through meaningful, lasting connections, all visitors to St. John’s arrive as honoured guests — and leave as family.

Our Vision

In this place of firsts, the St. John’s 2025 Canada Games welcomes you on a journey to connect and inspire through the power of sport.

Our Values

Team, Inclusiveness, Excellence, Sustainability, Respect.

Safe Sport

We believe everyone involved in sport has the right to participate in an environment free of abuse, harassment, discrimination, and all forms of maltreatment.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We are all Canadian. We embrace an inclusive culture where everyone feels valued, respected, and safe. We welcome the involvement of all persons regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, physical attributes, language, sexual orientation, education, nationality, culture or other personal characteristics.

Sustainability Plan

We recognize the intersection between sports and sustainability; larger sporting events provide the opportunity to educate and create awareness around environmental issues. We are committed to working with partners to understand current sustainability opportunities, identify initiatives that will be collaborative, and create actions that will be impactful for our community, participants, and spectators.

Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to reach their targets. We will work to ensure the 2025 Canada Games manages social, economic, and environmental impacts and maximizes opportunities to plan and deliver the Games and ensure positive community legacies.

Stay tuned as the plan is in development.


Empowering communities. Enriching lives.

The 2025 Canada Games won’t just bring people together – it will bring them to our communities. Revenue generated through athlete involvement, fan visits, and sponsorships will bring the Games to life.

The projected economic benefit of the 2025 Canada Games exceeds $100 million.

2025 Legacy

The Games are a launching pad for our next generation of leaders to new and evolved infrastructure that will serve developing athletes, coaches, officials, and the overall community – ushering in a huge economic lift that strengthens and benefits our province.

Catch the Spirit

The 2025 Canada Games is about more than the athletes on our field or the fans in our stands. It’s about our entire province. The Catch the Spirit program will spark greatness across our communities, encouraging people in and out of the classrooms to join the Canada Games movement.

Mascot Program

The St. John’s 2025 Canada Games mascot will serve as a symbol of local pride and raise awareness within the community (up to and during the 2025 Canada Games).

School Programming

Developed by teachers, for teachers, our Catch the Spirit program inspires children to embrace the Canada Games movement. Inclusive, engaging, and educational, it showcases the positive impact of sport and sparks future generations to achieve greatness – both on and off the field of play.

Medal Design

The Canada Games medals are the ultimate symbol of place, sport, and people – all in one. Want to be involved in the 2025 medal design? More information is coming soon – sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know!

Torch Relay

More information on the 2025 Canada Games Torch Relay is coming soon – sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know!

Two males holding Canada Games torch.