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Our Brand

Where sport meets culture.

We welcome Canadians to join us on a journey to connect, inspire, and achieve – through the power of sport.

Our intersection of sport and culture will make this the best Games ever.

On their own, each has the special ability to capture peoples’ hearts and transform a crowd into an audience. Combined, they elevate experiences into the extraordinary – leaving lasting impressions to be carried for a lifetime.

Renowned for our natural beauty, rich culture, and welcoming hospitality, we’re proud to offer an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Our branding reflects this theme, juxtaposing Games athletes and activities with elements of traditional and contemporary Newfoundland & Labrador culture. We draw inspiration from the motions of energy and intensity found along our rugged coast – much like the powerful moments in sport that make each Games participant's journey unique.

With a subtle nod to our island's nickname, our tagline embodies the unwavering resolve of the people who live here – and our readiness to pull off a seamless Games experience that’s uniquely St. John’s. We’re Ready to Rock – are you ready to join us in 2025?

Our Logo

Reflecting the natural geology of our jagged coastline, famous architecture, and the shared flames of competition, goodwill, and passion, our logo celebrates the vibrant welcome that awaits each and every participant of the St. John’s 2025 Canada Games.

Warm and energetic, red represents our boundless passion in sport. The white speaks to our endless natural surroundings and open spaces, while blue reflects the water that shapes the land. Bursting from the central section, the golden flames of the first sunrise radiate to the top of the podium.

You will notice the clever use of “SJ” surrounded by the colours and shapes inspired by our flag and other central elements of Newfoundland & Labrador culture.

2025 Canada Games Logo

Our Pictograms

The sport pictograms have been designed to represent each sport at the St. John’s 2025 Canada Games. They should be used as supplied and without modification.

Canada Games Pictograms

Our Brand Standards

The St. John’s 2025 Canada Games Brand Standards Guide is a living document that contains background information, examples, and rules surrounding the use of our brand and its elements – including logo, symbol, colours, fonts, and more.