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Para athlete and amateur athlete jumping over a St. John's row house.

Welcome to Canada's Colourful East Coast

Nestled on the edge of Canada's east coast, St. John's is a place like no other. The first to see the sun rise over North America each morning, our city is a story of diversity and discovery, of vibrant cultures and natural beauty.

Around here, we’re no strangers to warm welcomes – and now, a grand celebration awaits as Newfoundland and Labrador stands ready to greet the country on our shores for Canada’s largest sporting event. Get ready to rock in Canada’s easternmost city at the 2025 Canada Games.

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August 8-25, 2025

A grand time awaits

4000+ of Canada’s Top Youth Athletes
In North America’s Most Easterly City
For Over Two Weeks of Fierce Competition
Shaping One National Legacy

The countdown is on.

The 2025 Canada Games are coming to St. John’s – stay tuned for more exciting news!

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