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Legacy & Impact

Taking communities to new heights.

Our province’s strength comes from its people that proudly donate their time to help make our communities better, every day.

Legacy & Impact

Hosting the 2025 Canada Games provides another opportunity for our community to build upon its legacy of giving. The Games will leave a lasting impact, energizing St. John’s and the rest of the province with:


Expedited infrastructure improvements & community investment


Economic impact

National Platform

Showcasing local arts & culture

Official Training

Increased local knowledge of event execution, training (officials), & sports.

Media Exposure

Local, regional, & national media exposure


A new base of community volunteers


Positive impact that fosters improvements in individuals with particular attention to culture, community, diversity & inclusion.


Champion positive, climate-friendly practices that lessen the impact of the Games on the environment.


The 2025 Canada Games will be a moment shared by the entire nation, and its legacy will live on long into the future. Investment in local infrastructure will pay dividends for generations to come, with new and improved community facilities that will leave St. John’s stronger and healthier for having hosted the Games.


The 2025 Canada Games won’t just bring people together – it will bring them to our communities. Revenue generated through athlete involvement, fan visits and sponsorship will bring the Games to life.

The projected economic benefit of the 2025 Canada Games exceeds $100 million.

Transfer of Knowledge

The legacy of the Games isn’t just felt by the athletes or the host communities – it’s felt by the entire country. This is ensured through the Canada Games Council Transfer of Knowledge and Information program, which provides advice, guidance, direction, and support to pass the torch from one Games to the next.