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March 22, 2024

Community Spotlight presented by Crosbie

Memories from the Games: Katie Joyce's Soccer Story

Katie Joyce's soccer journey began in her hometown of Goulds, where she first stepped onto the field and discovered her love for the sport. Growing up playing in local house leagues, Katie's talent quickly caught the attention of coaches and fellow players alike. At just 11 years old, she earned a spot on Team NL U12, a milestone that marked the beginning of her soccer career. 

“I remember sitting by the computer the night before the team would be posted to see if I made the team or not. Looking back now, I had no idea that soccer would become my entire life.”

In 2017, Katie's career took a significant turn when she was selected and appointed captain of Team Newfoundland & Labrador for the Canada Games in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This leadership role challenged her on and off the field, fostering camaraderie and determination that helped prepare for what was to come at the varsity level. It was a pivotal experience that shaped her as both a player and a leader. Katie looks back on the Canada Games as some of the most fun she’s ever had playing soccer. From wearing their Newfoundland team bucket hats for the opening ceremony to competing against some of the most talented athletes in the country, the experience as a whole is one of her fondest in her career. 

“The thing that I really remember was at the end of the Games, we had a team meeting and everyone came together… We were finally able to pause and look back on the two years of hard work we put in. I think you could tell people took their foot off the gas and thought wow there was a lot of effort, time and preparation that went into all of this.” 

Katie credits her success after the Canada Games to the intense training and teamwork she experienced with Team NL. 

“We were training nearly 7 days a week for two years leading up to the Games. It was pretty much the best preparation you can ask for to go into a varsity career. I went into my rookie year as ready as I possibly could have been.”

By going through that type of vigorous training she transitioned to her rookie season in University that Fall with a better understanding of what it takes to perform at the next level. Katie started her varsity soccer career at Toronto Metropolitan University, where she excelled, becoming team captain and MVP in her rookie season. Katie then finished her eligibility back in her home province where she attended Memorial University to pursue her Masters of Physics and play on the Seahawks soccer team. 

Yet, amidst the accolades and triumphs, Katie remains grounded by the unwavering support of her biggest cheerleaders: her parents. Their consistent presence at every game served as a source of inspiration, providing confidence for Katie to push her boundaries and set ambitious goals both on and off the field. She also wanted to shout out another key person in her soccer career, 4x Team NL Canada Games Head Coach and current Head Coach of the Memorial Seahawks Mike Power. Not unlike many other great soccer players to come out of Newfoundland, Mike Power played an important role in Katie’s growth and development as an athlete. 

Looking ahead to the 2025 Canada Games in St. John’s, Katie sees it as a fantastic opportunity for athletes to showcase their talents on home soil.

“I’ll definitely be watching, I can’t wait” 

In light of Women's History Month, Katie reflects on the evolving landscape of women's sports, acknowledging the strides made in garnering recognition and visibility. 

"It's about time!" she said.