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April 19, 2024

Community Spotlight presented by Crosbie

Spotlight on the Games Services Committee

The 2025 Canada Games will be Tom Godden’s thirteenth time he’s been involved in this national multi-sport event. For 2025, he’s taken on a new role - chair of the Games Services Committee (GSC). 

The GSC is the head of the Games volunteer leadership body. Sixteen committee leads work in conjunction with their Host Society staff liaisons to manage and oversee the successful planning and execution of the Games from athlete services to venue management. 

“For me it is about the many great people I have had the privilege of meeting and staying connected with from all across our country,” said Godden”. I cherish the thought that I have been able to contribute in some small way in attracting others to get involved in this wonderful event.” 

Godden has served as a board member and President of Sport NL and held key roles in various Canada Games Team NL mission staff, including Chef de Mission in 2023. 

“As Chef de Mission, accompanying Team NL's nearly 300 athletes, coaches and managers into the opening and closing ceremonies at the 2023 Canada Winter Games in PEI was probably the pinnacle for me,” said Godden. “Playing a leadership role in helping to prepare the contingent and then seeing the joy and excitement on the faces of all involved, was infectious and truly satisfying.” 

As chair, Godden guides the other GSC leads and their respective venue committees, which will include approximately 400 planning volunteers in total. A volunteer force of this size is needed to assist in the planning of what will be one of the largest sporting ever to be hosted in the province. 

“Growing the community’s capacity for hosting large sporting events in the future is one of the most significant legacies of hosting the Games. This comes from the extensive training and skill development of the many people involved, together with the construction and redevelopment of the many facilities required to host events.” 

While the spotlight may shine brightest on the athletes during the Canada Games, it's the dedicated volunteers like the members of the Games Services Committee, and the 5,000 Games-time volunteers, who truly embody the spirit of volunteerism and community engagement. Their contributions ensure that the Games not only run smoothly but leave a lasting impact on the athletes, host community, and province. 

“If you have a passion or keen interest in something, you will likely find there is a need for volunteers just like yourself. The level of commitment can vary to suit the time you have available.

It is always a little intimidating to put yourself out there but I can assure you the intrinsic rewards are very satisfying.” 

As we celebrate National Volunteer Week, the Host Society would like to thank the Games Services Committee and all volunteers involved in making the Canada Games possible. 

You can stay up to date with volunteer opportunities by visiting our website.