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April 22, 2024

Environmental Initiatives

April 2024: Embracing Sustainability - The 2025 Canada Games Joins the 54th Annual Earth Day Celebration

Hosting the 2025 Canada Games provides an opportunity for our community to build upon its legacy of giving. The Games will leave a lasting impact in many ways, one of which being the commitment to sustainability. The 54th Annual Earth Day presents an opportunity for environmental stewardship within any organization. The 2025 Canada Games Host Society is acknowledging the importance of Earth Day through various initiatives. By using environmental education and impact awareness, the Host Society hopes to encourage a positive step forward within our organization that can extend beyond the workplace. 

One of the cornerstones of our Earth Day celebrations is providing all employees with circular economy training. This initiative will provide staff with the knowledge and skills to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives. One way the Host Society intends to implement circular economy principles is through procurement and waste reduction. One example of this measure is the development of a post-Games plan for all sporting equipment. 

Additionally, we are encouraging employees to measure their personal carbon footprint through this quick and easy Clever Carbon quiz. By understanding the impact of our own actions, we can make more mindful decisions to reduce our carbon emissions and work towards a more sustainable future.

Another initiative the Host Society is committing to this Earth Day aligns with our commitment to reducing plastic waste. Each employee will receive a "Fill it Forward" sticker to attach to their reusable water bottle. Everytime someone fills up their bottle, they scan the sticker's QR code via the Fill it Forward app. Every scan tracks your environmental impact in reducing single-use plastic consumption and unlocks a small donation.

Keep an eye out for future collaboration between the 2025 Canada Games and Fill it Forward, and an opportunity to get your own sticker and participate in the movement!